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Thermal Imaging in Pasadena tx

Why Thermal Imaging in Pasadena TX is Great for a Home the First time home buyers can use all the help they can get in the purchasing process. You may not realize technology exists for the home. Thermal Imaging in Pasadena TX cameras spot small, but key changes in temperature in different areas of a house, identifying problem areas that are nevertheless able to be seen with naked eye never could and some that a visual inspection could only analyze. A house will show up as hot, cold, or somewhere in between as J Ashe Home Inspection scan the house with a camera sensitive to infrared radiation.

Moisture is an in fact a major issue and known for damaging the structural integrity of the home and that gets revealed during these inspections which include hidden sources of mold, roof leaks, and posts that indicate termite infestations. Electrical problems are also revealed as well as heat and energy breakage problems which ultimately cause high bills, foundation cracks, structural integrity concerns, ventilation flaws and rodent, and pest infestations. Let’s go through a couple of typical problems we find with the Thermal Imaging in Pasadena TX, which can save you valuable money.

Water will typically give up its heat at a slower rate than its surrounding roofing materials because of its high thermal capacity and that is certainly unseen to the eyes and we only caught them when they end up at the peak of damage to our walls and ceilings, so we can see with just one image if any areas have moisture in your home. This is best accomplished in the evening when the temperature outside begins to fall. The roofing materials will have released their heat show up blue, or purple on the image during Thermal Imaging in Pasadena TX, while the moisturized and infected areas will still warm and showing the red and orange areas on the image.

Thermal Imaging in Pasadena TX assist at identifying the source of electrical problems quickly and accurately will add huge value to home safety, while preventing injury and property damage. The image will consist of yellow areas wherever there is damage to electrical components, which is making it easy to spot and put on the list of repairs on a thorough inspection report to be done.

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